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To complete 6 difficult operations in 6 hours, this is the "ceiling" in the field of surgery!

Author:admin      Time:2022-07-07     Number :110
A scalpel is free in a millimeter, and a shadowless lamp illuminates the hope of life. They are fighting in the battlefield of life, using superb medical skills to maintain a sword-like posture in constant challenges, and escort the life and health of patients.

On the afternoon of June 29, under the leadership of Executive Director Li Xiaofei and Vice President Li Wenhai of the Chest Hospital, the thoracic surgery team successfully performed 6 difficult operations. At present, the vital signs of 6 patients are stable.

Save the lungs, make the impossible possible!

As soon as I got out of the outpatient clinic, I rushed to the operating room. Before I could eat and drink water, I quickly devoted myself to the treatment... This is a day in the daily work of President Li Xiaofei, and for patients who have been plagued by the disease for a long time, this A day is also an unusual day in life.

The 61-year-old Mr. Zhou was found to have a lung cancer in a foreign hospital. In the past two months, he had severe cough and sputum. In order to get better treatment, he came to see President Li Xiaofei.

After relevant inspections, it was found that Mr. Zhou's right upper lobe tumor had invaded the right main bronchus and needed surgery. For patients with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, if the right lobe is completely removed, their lung function will be seriously affected and their quality of life will also be reduced. In order to maximize tumor resection and protect lung function, on the afternoon of the 29th, President Li Xiaofei and Vice President Li Wenhai led the team to perform a right upper lobectomy and hemicarina plasty for the patient. During the operation, the experts successfully preserved the functionally intact middle and lower lobe of the right lung, completely removed the diseased bronchus and lobe, and finally anastomosed the upper and lower trachea, reconstructed the carina, and successfully completed the operation.

The data show that carina resection and reconstruction can not only preserve normal lung tissue and lung function to the greatest extent, but also meet the physiological requirements and improve the quality of life, and can completely remove the lesions to achieve the purpose of treatment. However, this type of operation is difficult and requires extremely high technical skills of the surgeon. It is one of the most complicated surgical procedures in thoracic surgery.

Mr. Pu, who also suffers from lung cancer, had right main bronchus surgery as early as 2019, but 3 years later, his condition recurred, and the tumor grew in the flat eminence of the right main opening. Mr. Pu's family sought medical treatment everywhere, but they were all told that the second operation was too difficult to do.

After several tossing and turning, he found Dean Li Xiaofei through the introduction of his patients, "I only have one wish, to help me do another operation and save my lungs."

Mr. Pu's long-awaited wish finally came true here. President Li Xiaofei and Vice President Li Wenhai led the team after careful evaluation, formulated a careful treatment plan, performed a second operation for the patient, and completed the right upper lobectomy and hemicarina formation.

All in one go! Multidisciplinary efforts to "encircle and suppress" tumors

On the afternoon of the 29th, working with the thoracic surgery team in the operating room, there were also the cardiac surgery team and the urology team. Each department seamlessly connects and cooperates closely to give full play to their respective advantages to eliminate the pain of patients in a "one-stop" way.

The 63-year-old Mr. Hui was diagnosed with a right lower lobe malignant tumor three months ago, but soon after, it was found that the right lower lobe had a mass occupying the right lower lobe, and at the same time invaded the lower pulmonary vein and violated the heart. After that, Mr. Hui did three neoadjuvant treatments, but the part that violated the heart did not shrink significantly. After consultation with experts in thoracic surgery and cardiac surgery, it was decided to perform surgical treatment for the patient, and to remove the tumor under cardiopulmonary arrest under cardiopulmonary bypass. To this end, President Li Xiaofei and Vice President Zhang Jinzhou of the Heart Hospital formulated a careful surgical plan and decided to perform right middle and lower lobe resection of the right lung, partial left atrial resection and left atrial repair for the patient under cardiopulmonary bypass.

During the operation, the experts skillfully removed the right middle and lower lobe with cancer and part of the left atrium, and successfully completed the atrial repair.

The 71-year-old Mr. Shang suffered from prostate cancer, secondary malignancy of the ribs, and malignancy of the left lower lobe. In order to obtain a better quality of life in the future, both Mr. Shang and his family hope to undergo surgical treatment. After a joint consultation and evaluation of the Department of Thoracic and Urology, the experts decided to complete radical prostatectomy and resection of lung and rib lesions with the assistance of the Da Vinci robot. On the afternoon of the 29th, with the cooperation of Director Li Xiaofei and Director Yang Zengyue of the Department of Urology, the operation was successfully performed for the patient.

On the afternoon of the same day, the thoracic surgery team also performed single-port thoracoscopic right middle lobectomy and right lower lobe resection for a patient with multiple nodules in the right lung, and a single-port thoracoscopic thoracoscopy for a patient with bilateral lung lesions. Right upper lobectomy and left lower lobe resection.

6 operations, 6 hours of perseverance, in one go! Even after the operation, the thoracic surgery team did not stop for a moment, and the medical staff were still busy at work, always paying attention to the patient's condition. "To protect the health of patients, we will persist forever." The medical staff said.

Since the opening of the clinic, all the medical staff of the Department of Thoracic Surgery have insisted on putting life first, overcoming difficulties, conveying warmth to patients with profound humanistic care, and prolonging the hope of life for patients with superb medical technology.