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May 1st Labor Day: Salute to you who are struggling in your post!

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During the "May 1st" holiday, the medical staff of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital silently stick to their jobs, guarding the life and health of patients with hard work and dedication. For them, every day is "Labor Day."

On the morning of May 1, President Yin Qiang came to key areas such as outpatient clinics, fee collection offices, and pharmacies to supervise epidemic prevention and control measures and diagnosis and treatment, and extended festive greetings to the medical staff who were sticking to their posts. Everywhere he went, Dean Yin Qiang had a cordial conversation with the medical staff. Everyone felt warm and encouraged. They all said that they must be based on their own jobs, stick to their posts, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and medical work during the festival.

In the cardiac surgery clinic, in the face of a steady stream of patients, Professor Zhang Jinzhou strictly followed the admission process to conduct inquiries, physical examinations, and prescribe inspection items. The whole process of consultation was patient and meticulous.

"This drug must be taken consistently and reviewed regularly." In the cardiology clinic, Professor Zhang Weize instructed a patient who came from Ngong District.

In the outpatient department of nail and breast surgery, holding the B-ultrasound examination sheet, the patient Ms. Wang asked eagerly, "Is this going to be operated on? My legs are weak." Director Liu Xiaomin first calmed Ms. Wang's emotions, then carefully reviewed the report and patiently explained what Be the nodule, and reassure her not to worry.

"The ankle has been hurting, and I can't sleep at night. I have endured it for two days." In the rheumatology and immunization clinic, the patient Mr. Liu told Director Dou Cunrui about his condition.

"The doctors and nurses don't rest during the holidays, and they see a doctor as usual, which makes us feel very relieved." Ms. Qin, who takes her children to check their eyesight, said that she is usually too busy with work, and she has a very good experience in rushing to see a doctor during the holidays.

In the outpatient clinic, the doctor inquired about the patient's symptoms in detail and carried out relevant examinations; in the ward, the nurses shuttled in front of the hospital bed to puncture and infuse the patients; all over the building, volunteers guided the patients to seek medical treatment in an orderly manner, and the cleaners cleaned the floor over and over again. Beckoning to stop the vehicles to transport patients to various departments... From the outpatient clinic to the window, from the clinical department to the administrative logistics support department, every where you go, you can see the employees working hard, they stick to their posts, use Their actual actions interpret the responsibilities and responsibilities of medical staff.
I am on the post on May 1st, and labor is the most glorious. All the staff of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, with the noble spirit of "giving up a small family and caring for everyone", stand in every shift, guard every responsibility, do their best to ensure medical services, and always protect the lives and health of the people.

Labour day

Unpretentious is the most beautiful
Life is endless, work is endless
All year round to protect your health
Doing ordinary work in ordinary jobs
they all have a common name
Angel in white
Labour day
Please respect those who stick to their posts

happy holidays