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[Hand in hand with the world's number one, simultaneous international diagnosis and treatment] Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital and Xi’an

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On December 8, Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital and Xi’an High-tech Hospital under International Medicine (000516) formally signed a cooperation agreement with Mayo Clinic, a world-renowned medical institution, and became China’s second and third Miaoyou Medical Alliance member hospitals. This means that in the future, the doctors and experts of the two hospitals will seamlessly connect with the experts of Miaoyou Medical International, work hand in hand to evaluate the disease in an all-round way, help patients solve complex medical problems, find better diagnosis and treatment plans, and bring patients to their doorsteps. You can get high-level international medical services with peace of mind and convenience.
【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic
Former member of the Standing Committee of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Governor of Shaanxi Province Cheng Andong, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of Agriculture and Industry, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress Zhu Jingzhi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress Jing Jianping, President of Shaanxi Provincial Health Promotion and Education Association Xi Hong, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Wu Tie, President Sun Zhenlin of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ding Deke, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Shaanxi Science and Technology Association, and a second-level inspection by the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission Leaders Zhang Jianping, Dean of Northwest University School of Medicine Zhao Gang and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. International medical controller Liu Jianshen, Chairman Shi Jin, President Liu Ruixuan, Dean of Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital Yin Qiang, Dean of Xi’an High-tech Hospital Song Ying, Xi’an He Xijing, president of the North Campus of the International Medical Center Hospital, and other leaders, as well as experts and professors from the medical industry, and doctors from the two hospitals, attended the signing ceremony. The team led by Mayo Clinic International Affairs Medical Executive Director Sidi Si Reza participated in the conference through online meetings and witnessed this "magnificent event" in the medical field.
【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

Miaoyou Medical International has a history of more than 150 years and is committed to treating various complex and difficult diseases. It provides diagnosis and treatment services to nearly 1.5 million patients from 140 countries around the world every year. Since the announcement of the "World's Best Hospital Ranking" in the US Newsweek in 2019, Miaoyou Medical International has been ranked first for 3 consecutive years; in the "US News and World Report" "National Best Hospital Ranking", Ranked first for 6 consecutive years.

【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

Miaoyou Medical Alliance was founded in 2011. It has more than 40 alliance hospitals around the world and provides leading medical services to more than 16 million patients around the world every year. It is the world's most influential medical alliance that represents the world's highest medical standards.

【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

International Medicine is the first listed company in Northwest China. It is committed to the transformation and application of large-scale health care services and modern medical technology. Provide full life cycle medical and health services.

The company has China’s first socially-run top-tier hospital-Xi'an High-tech Hospital; the super-large modern general hospital certified by the international JCI-Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital and other medical institutions. Currently, the company is planning to build a comprehensive hospital with Xi'an International Medical City as the carrier. Life cycle big health medical service platform. The two hospitals that have become Miaoyou Medical Alliance Hospitals have gathered many well-known medical experts and are equipped with world-leading medical equipment. Up to now, International Medicine has served more than 12 million patients and is an influential medical group in the central and western regions of China.

【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

At the meeting, Chairman Shi Jin gave a speech and welcomed the arrival of government leaders and guests. She said: "International Medicine and Miaoyou Medical International follow the core value of'patient first'. Our mission and philosophy are deeply in line with each other. Both parties of this contract will work together to continuously improve the quality of medical care. Through the clinical collaboration between the expert teams of both parties, they will provide patients with the best comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, so that more patients can enjoy the international leading medical technology and treatment at their doorstep. Services, opening a new chapter of in-depth international medical cooperation."

【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

“The partnership between Mayo Clinic and International Medicine stems from the pursuit of common values and the like-mindedness.” Saidith Reza, Executive Director of Miaoyou Medical International Medical, said, “The original intention of the clinical medical cooperation between the two parties is to put the needs of patients on The first one. Through joint efforts, Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital and Xi’an High-tech Hospital can provide patients with more reliable, higher-quality, patient-centered diagnosis and treatment services."

On behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission, Zhang Jianping, the second-level inspector of the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission, congratulated the two parties for their cooperation. He said that as the first listed company in Shaanxi Province, the two hospitals of International Medicine have become member hospitals of the Miaoyou Medical Alliance. It will surely become a beautiful business card for foreign cooperation in the medical industry of Shaanxi Province.
Zhang Baotong, a researcher at the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences and chairman of the Urban Economic Research Association, also very affirmed the significance of the cooperation between the two parties. The success of the international cooperation has made a good start for the medical services in Xi'an and Shaanxi to go to the world and to the top level!"

It is reported that in the previous year, Miaoyou Medical International has conducted a comprehensive survey on the clinical technology, service capabilities, medical quality, overall operation, and cultural concepts of the two hospitals. , Hospital management and other aspects are unique and outstanding. After signing the contract as Miaoyou Medical Alliance Hospital, Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital and Xi’an High-tech Hospital are still independent medical service institutions, and will aim to improve medical services for patients and establish close clinical collaboration with Miaoyou Medical International. , Doctors and experts from both sides can share the rich professional resources of Miaoyou Medical Alliance. Through the services provided by Miaoyou Medical Alliance, participate in the professional academic exchanges held by doctors and scientists of Miaoyou Medical Alliance, connect with Miaoyou Medical International's latest diagnosis and treatment technology resources, regular seminars and medical continuing education projects at any time. In addition, doctors from the two hospitals can also visit the rich patient education database of Miaoyou Medical Alliance; obtain consultation opinions from Miaoyou experts and jointly seek the best treatment plan for patients.

【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

Through cooperation, Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital and Xi’an High-tech Hospital will continue to pursue excellence, create a new chapter in science and technology, and humanities medicine, and will jointly explore and open a new model of international medical cooperation.

"We welcome Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital and Xi'an High-tech Hospital to officially become member hospitals of Miaoyou Medical Alliance." said Matthew Bernard, International Medical Director of Miaoyou Medical Alliance. "To this day, both parties have made a lot of efforts. International Medicine and Miaoyou Medical have the common value pursuit of patient-centered and high-quality medical services. We look forward to working together in the future to continue to contribute more to the health of patients. Professional strength."
【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic

At the ceremony, Mayo Clinic Medical Executive Director Sidi Si Ruizha, Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital Dean Yin Qiang and Xi’an High-tech Hospital Dean Song Ying jointly signed a cooperation agreement and awarded the alliance hospital crystal cup Two hospitals.

Ms. Wang, a patient who was treated at Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital, was very pleased to learn that the hospital she was visiting has officially become a member of the Miaoyou Medical Alliance. She said, “I’ve heard of Mayo’s name a long time ago. It is the best hospital in the world and has the highest quality medical resources. Mayo has developed in-depth cooperation with International Medicine. You can enjoy the medical services of Miaoyou Medical International in Xi'an. This is really good news!"
【携手世界第一?同步国际诊疗】西安国际医学中心医院、西安高新医院成功牵手 Mayo Clinic
The official signing of the cooperation agreement between international medicine and Miaoyou Medical will surely promote the improvement and enhancement of regional medical quality in multiple fields and levels, such as medical services and hospital management, so as to benefit more patients.