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The Xian International Medical Center Hospital’s extracardiac team completed the first ventricular assist device implantation!

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The "Iron Man" with artificial heart in science fiction movies has become a reality in Xi'an! On November 28, 2021, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital successfully completed the first domestically-made ventricular assist device implantation. At present, the patient's hemodynamics is stable, his vital signs are back to normal, he is in good condition, and he gets out of bed... This operation is the first time in Shaanxi, and it also marks a historic breakthrough in the treatment of patients with end-stage heart failure in the hospital.

Professor Zhang Jinzhou from Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital introduced: “The transplant patient Zheng Mou suffered a sudden acute myocardial infarction. After emergency CPR at the local hospital, he implanted 6 coronary stents with a large area of myocardium with the assistance of ECMO. Infarction leads to heart failure and severe reduction of myocardial contractility (EF value is about 20%). Because ECMO cannot be withdrawn, coupled with lung infection, the patient has been in the intensive care unit for more than two months. After discharge from the hospital, the symptoms are sometimes good and sometimes bad. It is maintained by injecting dopamine and other drugs with a micro-pump."
 In October of this year, Zheng's condition deteriorated again, and he came to Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital after a friend's introduction. Professor Zhang Jinzhou, the deputy dean of the Cardiology Hospital, learned the medical history in detail after receiving the consultation, and performed corresponding examinations: the patient had old myocardial infarction, the whole heart was enlarged, the thickness of the left ventricular anterior wall of the apex was 2.5mm, the thickness of the posterior apical septum was 2.6mm, and the apex was The thickness of the left lower wall is 3mm, pulmonary hypertension (systolic pressure 51mmHg), massive mitral valve regurgitation, mid-tricuspid valve regurgitation, aortic valve small regurgitation, left ventricular ejection fraction: 26%. Professor Zhang Jinzhou and Zheng had an in-depth communication: drug treatment is not effective, and the 5-year mortality rate of end-stage heart failure is as high as 30-70%. The best treatment plan is heart transplantation, but you need to wait for a donor.
Professor Zhang Jinzhou once led the team to participate in the "First National Cardiovascular Disease Center Artificial Heart Clinical Application Technology Training Course" and conducted practical training on the heart model. "Artificial heart" implantation surgery may bring hope to patients. When Zheng heard the news, tears of excitement were vaguely seen in his eyes. Professor Zhang Jinzhou immediately got in touch with Chongqing Yongrenxin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., the first artificial heart project approved for registration and listing in the country-the implantable left ventricular assist system EVAHEART I.

When they heard the news that they were "usable", everyone's hearts were rejoiced, because life endurance added another possibility. However, the high medical expenses made Zheng's face a cloud of gloom. Cardiac surgery medical staff took the lead in making donations and assisted Zheng in launching a "drop-out fund." International medical group and hospital leaders instructed: saving lives is important!
Before the operation, the leaders of the Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital organized expert demonstrations, carried out multidisciplinary discussions, and formulated a thorough surgical plan. The ventricular assist device implanted in the patient's body was tested and qualified by the China Institute for Food and Drug Control and passed the hospital ethics The committee reviewed and approved and the patient signed an informed consent form. Chongqing "Yongrenxin" Clinical Management Department assisted in preoperative evaluation and optimization. In order to ensure a foolproof operation, the team of Professor Chen Liangwan from the Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University was invited to provide on-site guidance. After sufficient preparations, at 8:30 am on November 28, 2021, the team of Professor Zhang Jinzhou, under the guidance of Professor Chen Liangwan, officially started the operation, and the experts proceeded in an orderly manner. During the operation, the patient's poor coagulation, difficulty in hemostasis and other difficulties were overcome. The operation was completed at 5:00 pm that day.

"The entire operation was very smooth, the patient's vital signs were very stable, and the function and flow of the pump were very stable. The current situation is quite good." Professor Zhang Jinzhou said. On the second day after surgery, the patient had the tracheal intubation removed. The moment the patient gave the medical staff a thumbs up after waking up, the eyes of all the people present were wet, because all the efforts have gathered into an unyielding hymn of life! Every blooming of life has condensed the selfless dedication of too many people!