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Our hospital was awarded the "Shaanxi Province Advanced Group in Fighting against the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic"...

Author:admin      Time:2021-11-26     Number :178

On the afternoon of November 25th, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital held a simple and grand award ceremony. The medical team of Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital in Hubei Province was awarded the Shaanxi Province Advanced Group in Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic; Professor Wang Haichang from the Heart Hospital was named “Shaanxi Province Outstanding Communist Party Member” and was awarded the Shaanxi Province Advanced Individual in Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic; Chest Hospital Respiratory Han Xinpeng, director of the second internal medicine ward, and Chen Li, head nurse of the fever clinic, were awarded the advanced individuals in Shaanxi Province in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Dean Yin Qiang read the "Decision on Recognizing Outstanding Communist Party Members and Advanced Primary Party Organizations in the Province" issued by the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the "Recognizing the Province's Fight against New Coronary Pneumonia" issued by the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government. Decisions of Advanced Individuals and Advanced Collectives in the Epidemic."

General Manager Wang Zhifeng awarded honorary plaques and honorary certificates to Captain Yang Feng, Director Li Bin, Professor Wang Haichang, Director Han Xinpeng, and Head Nurse Chen Li of the medical aid team.

At the beginning of 2020, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital rushed to Wuhan Eighth Hospital, Suizhou Central Hospital, Yangtze River New City Rehabilitation Station, Wuhan Union Hospital West Hospital, Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Optics Valley Fangcai Hospital in 6 batches of 266 people. Seven hospitals including the Optics Valley District of Wuhan Third Hospital carried out comprehensive treatment work, achieving zero infection of medical team members, zero deaths of admitted patients, mild cases of severe patients, zero rejuvenation of cured patients, and recovery of rehabilitation personnel smoothly out of the warehouse.

As a member of the expert team of the Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital's aid to Hubei, Professor Wang Haichang took the initiative to ask Ying to help Hubei, fulfilling the party member's pledge to join the party that he is “ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people at any time”. During the medical treatment work in Wuhan Eighth Hospital, Professor Wang Haichang took the lead in formulating medical work plans, medical staff and patient epidemic prevention and control training plans, and helped Wuhan Eighth Hospital to renovate and improve clean areas, buffer zones and polluted areas. As well as medical care and patient access; Han Xinpeng, as the director of a group of medical aid team in Hubei, arrived in Wuhan and became familiar with the situation overnight. The next day, he led the team into the isolation ward for rounds and worked out a treatment plan; Head Nurse Chen Li, Xiaojia She Everyone Gu, resolutely take the lead to stick to the front line of prevention and control, and stand on the first post of the hospital. Food and lodging moved to the department, working overtime to write the system, follow the process, sort out the patient's treatment process, the work process of medical staff, etc. within a limited time...

In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the hospital staff of Xi'an International Medical Center used practical actions to promote the professionalism of respecting lives, saving the dead, helping the wounded, willing to make dedication, and loving boundlessly, and won the honor for the hospital. In the future, all employees will continue to uphold the concept of “cherish every service and do a good job at one time” to protect the health of the masses.